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Exposed Arts Projects is driven by passion and is entirely managed by myself, Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze. Hence, the DIY family-and-friends spirit that you love about Exposed and that makes it special (so you say 😈). Our space is not for rent and everything that happens here is in line with the ethos and high standards of Exposed.


When you make a donation, buy a ticket to our events, or give your time via volunteering, you are helping Exposed to thrive, to avoid compromising on the quality of our projects, to inspire, create and deliver.


Here is what you are supporting:


  • Our running costs and utility bills (the hardest to get funding for), which I usually cover myself or split with the artists.

  • Making our venue more people-friendly. If you visited Exposed, you would agree that improving the heating situation is a good idea. Also: to treat our guests with hot drinks and snacks during the events.

  • Our production costs. When we don’t get funding, in most cases we (myself + artists/curators) chose to proceed with the projects anyway (downscaling, self-exploiting, etc).

When you support Exposed, it means a world and makes a difference. Thank you. 💚💜  

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