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Exposed was launched in 2018 in London by Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze; it was registered as a Comunity Interest Company in 2019.


We occupy three spacious garages of old Jaguar service center (5 mins walk from High Street Kensington tube station), suitable for hosting large-scale installations and public events. In the Library & Research Room above we run lectures, workshops, talks, and other educational activities. 


We see art practice as a sufficient method of conducting research: as a way of thinking and dealing with information. We understand it as a means of locating contemporary practice within the social, political and cultural realms. We are convinced that artistic invention, inquiry, and work, by all means, have a broader application - and wider resonance - that goes beyond an individual's subjectivity and perspective on the world and environment we live in. Artistic investigations suggest a productive counterpoint to the conclusions, knowledge and truth, established through the scientific inquiry. In this way, for us, it is not the "results" of artistic production that matter (i.e. artworks). First comes the daring, experimental repertoire of research tactics and tools - the competence and persuasiveness of artistic depiction - that we seek to activate next to the methodologies, mastered by other disciplines.


We, therefore, do not showcase the “ready-to-go” polished projects at Exposed —choosing instead to work with ideas in the state of formation. Our overall aspiration is to expose as much of the artists’ Research & Development and thinking as it is feasible and relevant to do.


Our Code of Conduct (last reviewed in September 2019)

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Our work on each year's programme begins with posing a question that exposes a current state of human values (ethical, economic, political) as captured in a certain notion, practice, or belief.

In 2018, for instance, we asked: "Why are we so fond of collaborating, and what the resulting state of fluid shared authorship does to our definitions of the human?"; and in 2019, the question was: "In the times of uncertainty and disinformation, when there is no given system of belief to rely on, what helps us to stay strong? What tactics and tools do we use to empower ourselves?" In 2020, we will inquire: "How can we de-bias the notion of 'intelligence' from anthropomorphism?" 



We invite responses from those, who are keen to interrogate the question together with us: artists, researchers, campaigners, and everyone else who is interested and committed. 

We do so in three ways: 


  • by inviting participants directly;

  • via an Open Call, published on our research blog and announced via our social media (Instagram and Facebook);  

  • by recruiting volunteers from the general public - to contribute and learn through participation (we are always looking for people, drop us a line if interested).


Together with the participants and volunteers, we come up with the research methodology to cut the question open - and get to work.  

As a part of the research process, we organise exhibitions, reading groups, theoretical and practical workshops, games and other events in various formats that are suitable and effective. We keep the audience updated about our progress and findings on this website and in the blog.


Needless to say, it is then the feedback and support from our diverse audiences that each year inspires a more ambitious and challenging question - so please, get in touch and let us know what you think :-) 


Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze is the founder of EXPOSED. She is an independent curator and art writer. A graduate of MFA Curating at Goldsmiths, she is currently doing her PhD at Central Saint Martins (Professional Ethics of Art Curating). She exhibited with museums and biennials in the UK, Switzerland and Russia, and published her texts in Sleek, GARAGE, Interview, Moscow Art Magazine, and 1Granary. 


Tales Sabará is a curatorial assistant at EXPOSED. He is an artist and a curator. He has been organising exhibitions, curating collections display and arts projects in a wide range of settings in the UK, France, Brazil and Portugal. Last year he completed his MA in Curatorial Studies at the University of Coimbra.


Vlada Yershova is a graphic designer and an illustrator currently based in Tel Aviv. She graduated from BA Fashion Illustration course at London College of Fashion. She has extensive experience working in beauty and fashion industries across UK, Russia and Israel as well as a freelance illustrator, designer and creative director for L’officiel Russia, Zima magazine and others. Vlada focuses her interests on visual communication, marketing and brand identity.

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