2018: Intraactions


[It] signifies the mutual constitution of entangled agencies. That is, in contrast to the usual “interaction”, which assumes that there are separate individual agencies that precede their interaction, the notion of intra-action recognises that distinct agencies do not precede, but rather emerge through, their intra-action.


- Karen Barad, 2007.



In 2018, the research programme at Exposed was put together to interrogate the current processes and trends behind the collaborations amongst the contemporary art practitioners and theorists. We employed the philosophical notion of "intra-action" (Karen Barad, 2007) to capture the specifics of cross-disciplinary collaborations. We specifically favoured the Baradian neologism as a critical response to the notion of “interaction”, which is commonly utilised to describe an artistic-curatorial collaboration. An interaction-based model of professional relationship results into a temporary collaboration of consistent, fundamentally autonomous distinct agents that preexist the event of joint art production. In a very different way, the intraaction-basedmodel recognises the process of a joint art production as a dynamism of forces, in which all designated art practitioners are constantly exchanging and diffracting, influencing each other and working inseparably — developing their specific artistic outlooks, subjectivities and techniques in the presence of the others. 

25 JAN / 10 MAR


ONE NEED NOT BE A CHAMBER, an on-site research, conducted by a film-maker Lara Smithson, a place-maker Simona Sharafudinov, an image-maker Rhona Eve Clews, and an object-maker Maria Positano.

25 JAN 


DISAPPOINTMENT, a durational performance by Simona Sharafudinov.

20 MAR / 20 APR 


In BODIES OF WATER, the perspective of posthumanist feminist thinker Astrida Neimanis was embodied by geographer Sofia Gavrilova and artists Giovanni Vetere and Maaike Anne Stevens - to critique the contemporary aesthetic and scientific representations of "water". 

20 MAR 


BODIES OF WATER, a durational performance by Giovanni Vetere.

5 APR 


TEARS HAIR AND RUSTLE, a brain wave performance by Anna Nazo on reimagining water as a slice, a fractal, and a research dimension.

27 MAR / 18 MAY 


WCWMB: WHAT CAN WE MAKE AND BECOME, the research residency with PG CSM students - Lara Geary, Lois Bentley, Isabel Bonafe Carrasco, Aleksandr Tishkov, Harley Price, Susanna Brunetti, Tere Chad, Carla Benzing, Lexi Sun, Theresa Gößmann, Niloofar Taatizadeh, Yajing Hu, Jolanta Basova, Orna Kazimi; curated by Sasha Burkhanova-Khabadze



WCWMB: How to operate as an art collective?


"In our relationship, the INTER-  was replaced by INTRA- .

Inter-, as a prefix, means between or among, describing systems within groups, international, intercede, interrupt, intercept. The prefix intra- means within, internal, confined - intramural, intravenous, intraventricular. One externalises (inter-), the other (intra-) suggests that there is no inside or outside, no attachment or isolation, for there is no object or entity prior to the encounter itself - one comes to existence through it. Both mutually exclusive of each other by definition up to the point of direct contact.  At a certain point, they converge but they can never merge - i.e. < I > or , > I <  "

29 JUN / 3 AUG 


HOTEL JAGUAR, an immersive installation by Amanda Newall, based on the history of the premises occupied by Exposed. It took the audience to the setting of a family-run hotel, in which they "stayed" and performed: by taking a position of either a hotel guest or a member of staff. The story expanded around them accordingly.



Amanda Newall's 'THE HOOVER DIARIES' film screening. The film was a reflection on the lingering resonance of life-changing events for individuals and communities in an era of radical economic reform - during the artists’ teenage years in 1980s Timaru.

3 NOV / 14 DEC


NEW WORK, research project by Candida Powell-Williams and Thomas Yeomans,  enacts two distinct logics of encrypting, mastered by the artists in spiritual proximity to one another, enabled by their long-term friendship.






Lara Smithson, Simona Sharafudinov, Rhona Eve Clews, Maria Positano, Sofia Gavrilova, Giovanni Vetere, Maaike Anne Stevens, Anna Nazo, Lara Geary, Lois Bentley, Isabel Bonafe Carrasco, Aleksandr Tishkov, Harley Price, Susanna Brunetti, Tere Chad, Carla Benzing, Lexi Sun, Theresa Gößmann, Niloofar Taatizadeh, Yajing Hu, Jolanta Basova, Orna Kazimi, Amanda Newall, Candida Powell-Williams, Thomas Yeomans.


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