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On becoming-artists: how to operate as an art collective 

4th of May, 18:00 - 21:00

As a part of WHAT CAN WE MAKE AND BECOME -- join the artists to discuss the method of artistic production, applied in the making of the exhibition: Intra-actions


As a model of joint art production, Intra-actions was conceptually inspired by the work of posthumanist feminist thinker Karad Barad. Unlike “inter-action” model, which stands for a temporary collaboration of consistent, fundamentally autonomous distinct agents that pre-exist the event of joint art production, “intra-action” understands joint art production as a “dynamism of forces” (to use Baradian terminology (Barad, 2007:141)), in which all designated art practitioners (artists and curators alike) are constantly exchanging and diffracting, influencing each other and working inseparably — developing their specific artistic outlooks, subjectivities and techniques in the presence of each other. 


In our relationship, the INTER-  was replaced by INTRA- .

Inter-, as a prefix, means between or among, describing systems within groups, international, intercede, interrupt, intercept. The prefix intra- means within, internal, confined -  intramural, intravenous, intraventicular. One externalises (inter-), the other (intra-) suggests that there is no inside or outside, no attachment or isolation, for there is no object or entity prior to the encounter itself -- one comes to existence through it. Both mutually exclusive of each other by definition up to the point of direct contact. 

At a certain point they converge but they can never merge -- 


i.e. < I > or , > I <


The event is free and open to all.

Wine and hot drinks will be served during the evening. 🙏🏻🥂☕️

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