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Meet the ghosts: on respectful place-making

8th of March, 19:00 - 21:00

As a part of  One need not be a chamber  exhibition, please join us for the artist-led discussion — with Lara Smithson, Rhona Eve Clews, Simona Sharafudinov, and Maria Positano. We will unpack the notion of “places with memories” — as inspired by the history of premises, occupied by Exposed. From 1926 to 2016 the building functioned as the Queen’s Jaguar Dealership, run by the Creamers family; in 2018 it was repurposed and turned into an art space.


Is it possible to start anew, wiping off the old memories and getting rid of the unwanted ghosts? In the discussion we will look into the consequences, responsibilities, and ethical dimensions of "unmaking" and repurposing places. The starting questions will be: 

  • How does the past get inscribed and leave traces in the interior of a building? 

  • How can we coincide the old memories with our agenda? 

  • What are the new - more inclusive, respectful, caring - narratives that we can construct? 

Please bring and share your own stories on the clash of histories, voices and memories of places that you encountered in your life and practice.

In exchange, we will bring and share wine 🥂🥂🥂.


The event is free and open to all.

       R S V P



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