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Hotel Jaguar: dream matrix

29th of June, 20:00 - 30th of June, 10:00

The immersive installation by Amanda Newall invites the participants to stay in ‘Hotel Jaguar’: have a sleepover in the gallery refurbished to become a 70-s hotel, meet its staff, and hear their stories. 


On the morning after the sleepover, psychologist Dr Julian Manley will run a dream-sharing event, called a “matrix”, inviting the participants to communicate their real nighttime dreams, images, and associations. These dreams will not be interpreted by the matrix conveners; instead, these will be allowed to gradually accumulate and transform in the course of the matrix. In this way, the main purpose of the social dreaming experience — and Newall’s artwork accordingly — will be in providing a forum for sharing the hidden or unspoken thoughts and feelings about the social circumstances of the participants, enabling them to create new perceptions of, and solutions to the world that they share. 


For the sleepover (8 hours), the participants will be dressed up in the costumes, designed by Newall — to be fully integrated into the environment that she created. After the sleepovers, the environment created by Newall, her costumes and video-works, will be open to the public as an exhibition.

Participation is free of charge. 18+

In the morning the participants will be offered a light healthy breakfast (made by Newall) and hot drinks.

If you would like to take part, please email us at: 

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