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Mess Hall / Crew Quarters

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Greetings. We are The Hive, and We Are All Us.

Today, we will be going through a short scene about your time aboard the ship. At the moment, you are in the Mess Hall.

Emily (Human, She/Her)

- I'm tapping my fork on the table and staring off into the distance.

Perhaps the hall looks like this:

or perhaps instead it looks more like this:

Throngly (Robot, Him/Her)

- i'm pushing crumbs through the slots in the walls

- to feed my mouse friends

Do they appreciate your efforts?

Throngly (Robot, Him/Her)

- it's the least i can do,

- and they let me know it

Emily (Human, She/Her)

- I walk over to Throngly and give him a piece of my bread so that he can make some more crumbs.

Skylark (Robot, It)

- i am on the floor and i do not appreciate having more mess to tidy up

Emily (Human, She/Her)

- On my way back to the table I pat Skylark on the head.

Mad Curator

I am picking up a leaf from a plant that looks like rosemary, crush it with my fingers and drop in my champagne.

Cherub (cat, she/her)

i am trying to ignore tempting mouse squeaks, before my lunch break ends and i return to engine maintenance work

Skylark (Robot, It)

- cherub i am happy to give you a lift back

Is this one of the Mad Curator's preferred accompaniments to champagne?

Mad Curator

It’s a cocktail actually, “Shark in Formaldehyde”, a good one.

To return to the mess hall:

In actuality, it is an empty space, bare of all

but its underlying symbology and your associations.


I would like you to think back in time, if time has a back or a front.

I would like you to think back to 'the past'.

To that time you were in the Altar Room together

It did not look like it does now

But rather, as it looked then.

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