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Tears, hair, and rustle: brain wave performance by Anna Nazo

5th of April, 19:00 - 21:00

Anna Nazo. Tears, hair, and rustle (brai

As a part of BODIES OF WATER, we are pleased to present “Tears, hair, and rustle“, a live digital-physical performance-talk on reimagining water. 


Water is one of Anna’s research dimensions, investigated as a slice, fractal (Golding, Mandelbrot). The work includes a brief introduction to Anna’s current practice-led research, and continues her recent series of brain wave performances, which experiment with poetics (Heideggerian), technology, movement, sound, and CGI (computer-generated imagery).


Anna’s art practice and research focus on multidimensionality of reality and self, supra-sensuousness, and parrhesia (Foucault) in contemporary art practice placed at the intersection of live digital–physical performance, embodiment, multi-reality environment, and contemporary technologies.


Artist’s bio:

Anna Nazo is currently a practice-led research student in Fine Art (Performance) at the Royal College of Art (London), supervised by Professor Nigel Rolfe and Professor Johnny Golding. She has shown work internationally including at the MozEx exhibition curated by the Tate and V&A, London (2016); V&A Digital Futures , London (2016); Tate Liverpool, Liverpool (2016); the Moscow Museum of Modern Art , Moscow (2015); Somerset House, London (2013); the Saatchi Gallery, London (2014); Ensapc Ygrec, Paris (2017); Rainbow Unicorn, Berlin (2017); Royal College of Art, London (2017-2018). Anna has been shortlisted for the Lumen Prize, London (2014), the Untapped Emerging Artists Competition at The Artist Project, Toronto (2015) and for the Artist of the Year 3D Printshow Global Awards, London (2014). She has spoken at international conferences and symposia including the Electronic Visualisation & the Arts Conference at the British Computer Society, London (2014, 2016); the Creative Technologies Symposium at Columbia University, NYC Creative Tech Week , NYC (2016); the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, Fukuoka, Japan (2015).

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