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Bodies of water, 2018, by Giovani Vetere


Bodies of Water is a site-specific performance happened in a old car repairing garage. At the centre of the room two cross-like holes, where technicians used to lie down, become the place of embalming or temporarily preserving a human body. The image is the one of controversy, even tough the body seems dead it slowly moves under a plastic coat and breathe from a transparent hose. Entering the space the viewer has the feeling of being inside of a scientist room, where life experiments are taking place. Questioning its position as human being the viewer is brought into a journey towards its root. Bodies of Water reminds us of a foetus inside the womb or a cadaver inside its coffin. Precisely, water represents such dual and counterposed effect; one of giving life and pleasure; one of giving agony and death.



Giovanni Vetere, 2018.

[ photographs by Henri Kisielewski, 2018. ] 

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